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GENie FLO Air Flow Meter Brochure GENie FLO digital air flow meter

Digital Air Flow Meter

The GENie FLO is the unsurpassed NIST traceable, digital air flow meter in the marketplace!

The lightweight, rugged portable design makes this mass flow meter ideal for laboratory, as well as hand held applications. From ACD, the company who has been bringing you toxic gas detector calibrators since 1988, comes the GENie FLO an easy to use air ow meter. Simply turn the battery-operated ow meter on and insert it into the sample stream you want to measure for immediate real-time mass flow measurement. The LCD displays the flow in Liters per minute at great improvement over the sample-grab type results from other flow meters for definitive ease of use.

Air sampling rate
L x W x H
Operating temperature
Relative humidity (intermittent use)
Battery power
Battery life
0.1 to 5 LPM
5”W x 3.88”H x 3.13”D
2 lb. (907 g)
0° C to 50° C
0 - 100%

4 Alkaline “AA”
10 hours

Part Numbers for Ordering:

GENie FLO Complete: P/N 750-0200-04
GENie FLO Module: P/N 750-0202-04