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How Do I Calibrate my Gas Sensor for Nitrogen Dioxide(NO2)?

  Flow / Output Source / Cell life
GENie EC .05 to 5 PPM 10, 50 Hrs
Permissible Exposure Limits for this gas:
TWA (Time Weighted Average): N/A
STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit): N/A

acd nitrogen dioxide no2 calibration gasNitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is an toxic gas that is also an oxidizer. It has many industrial uses including as a bleaching agent for flour. It is also used in the manufacture of explosives. NO2 is produced by many combustion sources including internal combustion engines, cigarettes, and butane and kerosene heaters. Human exposure to NO2 results in edema and at concentrations above 100 ppm,
asphixiation from fluid in the lungs. Homes and businrss with gas stoves have higher levels of NO2 than those without and areas near roadways have reported NO2 levels 30 to 100% higher than areas that are more than 150 feet away from these areas.

NO2 calibration gas is available only in the GENie EC unit in 10 or 50 hour cells and only at the 0.5 to 5
ppm level.

The following instruments provide nitrogen dioxide calibration gas:
GENie EC hydrogen calibration gas generator

GENie EC Calibration Gas Instrument

The GENie EC electrochemical gas instrument calibrates nitrogen dioxide gas detectors. The GENie EC output can be adjusted down in order to accommodate the calibration of the low level leak checking instrumentation currently on the market. The GENie EC has been designed intrinsically safe and its compact design makes it our most user friendly instrument. The easy to read LCD also leads to ease of operation. The long lasting electrochemical generating sources provide the user with the equivalent of up to 50cylinders worth of accurate calibration gas, making the GENie EC the smart choice for calibration of nitrogen dioxide gas detection equipment.

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