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How Do I Calibrate my Gas Sensor for Ozone (O3)?

  Flow / Output Source / Cell life
GENie O3 0.2 to 1.0 PPM 500 hours
Permissible Exposure Limits for this gas:
TWA (Time Weighted Average): 0.1
STEL (Short Term Exposure Limit):0.3
ACD ozone calibration gasOzone or O3, is an oxidant gas that is used in industry in many of the same places as chlorine. Ozone is the smell that you detect during a lightning storm when the lightning excites oxygen to ozone gas. Like other oxidizers O3 attacks mucus membranes and respiratory tissues when inhaled. It is used to decontaminate water and bleach various materials. It is used in the disinfecting of clothing and the deodorizing of air. It is also used to kill bacteria on food and bugs on grain. The largest commercial users are water and waste water plants.



The following instruments provide ozone calibration gas:
GENie O3 ozone calibration gas instrument

GENie O3 Calibration Gas Instrument

The GENie O3 is the most accurate source of O3 calibration gas on the market. Selectable gas concentrations and integrated microprocessor controlled feedback coupled with compact, portable handheld design make the GENie O3 adaptable and easy to use for gas sensor calibration. The long life generating source lasts up to 500 hours.

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